Just a few hours ago our hearts skipped a beat and filled with hope… Why are we saying this? Read this news and you’ll know it.

A few hours ago, one of the great masters of modern science fiction, Joe Mallozzi, gave us great news, in his blog:https://josephmallozzi.com/2020/07/27/happy-23-sg-1-what-else-you-got-for-us-well-im-glad-you-asked/

He surprised us with the video of him, Paul Mullie and Peter DeLuise singing the lyrics of our favorite series soundtrack… And now he leaves us open mouthed confirming that the efforts from all the fans trying to get the attention of the Producers, Executives and more during all these years, be it making pressure at social media with ‘Storms’, through webs, conventions, associations, contests and all the things we could think of, may have not fallen on deaf ears.Joe says to us:

-‘Thanks to the fandom that moved all over the world with two amazing Twitter Storms…’

-‘Thanks to MGM that heard that call…’

He also says in his blog that our efforts may be rewarded!

-‘The Stargate long-suffering fans finally may be rewarded. As long as some crucial pieces are put in place.’

¿Could this be real? ¿Will the rumours that we’ve been hearing for a while, and that made us move forward so that Stargate could resurface, be true?

Joe gives us another clue that makes us think very, very positively:

-‘Thanks to Brad Wright who’s been busy with… things.’

Mamma mia!!!! Things? Brad confirmed something similar at a Stargate convention, saying he was ‘busy’ with some things, which filled us with hope and made all the ‘Gaters’ worldwide start to move, speculate, share our opinions, etc… culminating with the Tweet storms, and the will of doing more from the fans.

But the cream of the crop is what Joe Malozzi himself said:

-‘[…] we’ve never been that close to a fourth Stargate series…’

-‘[…] We are so close’.

Joe, you sure can count on all of the Stargate Legend members for everything! We’ll be glad to help in anything posible. And of course, you can also count on every fan around the world!

But we as fans have to take this announcement with caution as well, it’s been 23 years since Stargate SG-1 aired for the first time with the pilot ‘Children of the gods’, leaving us with the mouth open, a few years after that we freaked out with Stargate Atlantis… and 9 years ago, Stargate Universe aired his last episode.

During all these years we had amazing adventures, fantastic characters, very good science fiction thanks to the creators of this saga, but Joe to finish says:

-‘As always I said it’s not about “if…” it’s about “WHEN”’.

This is great great news and a big surprise, right? At least he doesn’t leave us indifferent. Here form Stargate Legend we give our most sincere support to Joe, we hope that you keep on surprising us, and Brad, thanks for no leave Stargate behind and keep doing ‘things’.

We have to end this article with the same words Joe Mallozzi said to all the fans:

-‘Stargate Fans stay positive!’


READ MORE AT: https://josephmallozzi.com/2020/07/27/happy-23-sg-1-what-else-you-got-for-us-well-im-glad-you-asked/